Château Picoron

Château Picoron is an Australian-owned organic vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

Home to some of the most prestigious wines in the world, Bordeaux has begun to lose its appeal, especially to new generations of drinkers. Falling victim to their very own self-imposed regulations, Bordeaux risks the extinction of their wine – or are at the very least a threat towards the continued existence of its ancestry.

Château Picoron’s goal is to create a new and inclusive image for Bordeaux by shaking the conformity and snobbery of the region; making wines more fun, while honouring their legacy. Driven by a fundamental belief in bacchanalian diversity, and the agency of each winery to define the evolution and future of this region, Château Picoron sought to kick start something new. To revitalise a region, and to honour its history. To, in their own words, cultivate a “New Bordeaux.”

Château Picoron celebrates Merlot’s past – with the very first Merlot plant laying its roots in Bordeaux soil – as well as its future; exploring six different expressions of this grape across their wine collection. Acting both as an ode to the potential of Merlot, as well as a remembrance of Bordeaux’s history.

The word Merlot first appeared on a wine label in 1784, prior to appearing in an 1824 article describing the grape. Within the article is noted the word’s origin as one hailing from the local blackbirds (Merle), who had developed a taste for the fruit. Whilst researching the etymology of Picoron we discovered that the word derives from the verb Picorer, meaning ‘to peck,’ strengthening the association to birds and epicurism. It was here that we found our inspi