Hovelsrud Gård, located on the island Helgøya produces organic chicken, vegetables and grains. The historical garden is both a visual and generous source of edible treats for both animals and people. Their produce is delivered to Michelin starred restaurants and delicacy shops. In contrast to the animal-human relations based on control and exploitation, common within industrial animal farming, Hovelsrud offers a radical model of co-existence to reconfigure the interactions between human and non-human systems.

Over the past 200 years farming has shifted in industrialised countries from an activity in which most people participated to a profession in which only few are directly involved. This contributed to making farming something that feels remote to our daily experience while being one of the most fundamental processes through which we impact the planet. Debates on sustainability draw attention to farming and question how and where our food is produced.

Regenerative agriculture and heirloom seeds

Modern methods of agriculture are now recognized to be major contributors to climate change, depletion of natural resources and loss of biodiversity.
Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystems. It minimizes soil disturbance, maximize crop diversity, keep the soil covered, maintaining living root year-round and integrate livestock.

Before the industrialization of agriculture, a wider variety of plant foods were grown, but since
World War II, in order to maximize productivity, agriculture has mostly consisted of few varieties of each type of crop. This form of agriculture has led to a 75% drop in crop genetic diversity. Today, numerous communities are working to preserve historic varieties of heirloom seeds to increase biodiversity, flavour, and preserve collective inheritance.

New practices in Farming are shaping the future of food.
Hovelsrud is leading the way and we wanted their contribution to this shift to be the main narrative for the website and packaging.
Our goal has been to create a greater feeling of what Hovelsrud is and what they stand for and to elevate the packaging for the chicken to a premium positioning, challenging the conventional category language.

Hovelsrud chicken was mostly delivered to restaurants, with only a small volume delivered to retail. When the 2020 Pandemic closed all restaurants, Hovelsrud needed to rethink its strategy and distribution.

To strengthen Hovelsrud´s philosophy, we aimed to reduce plastic and its environmental impact to a minimum without compromising on either presentation or shelf life of the product.

The new packaging technology allows the consumer to separate the plastic film from the paper, recycling them separately, offering a reduction in the plastic of at least 70% compared to the industry standard. We have been involved in selecting the packaging solution and coordinated with the purchase of their new packaging line.

The paper Tray is FSC certified, its size is calculated by leaving at least 30mm around each piece of chicken to guarantee a good shelf life, offering a bigger print area on both sides and communicating their story with the consumers.
Since each chicken piece is manually positioned on the tray we printed some lines to help in this phase and extra info about the products and the packaging, only visible when the chickens in removed.

We created a system that uses one common tray for all poultry products bringing the philosophy and story of the brand to the front. The labels are product specific and color-coded for easy navigation of the range, and in addition, we introduced an editorial-inspired layout for telling the brand story and created supporting icons and illustrations.

The redesign of the website was made with the intention of telling a larger story than what they had communicated before. In addition to communicate the place and the chicken, we wanted to give more space also for their long history. We chose to give the page about the farm a more editorial feel, with archive material and a different reading experience than the pages about the chicken and the garden — that are more documentary-style with full videos and images, showcasing the beauty and harmony of the place.

Today, Hovelsrud is the first choice for the best restaurants in Norway and is well distributed in retail across the country allowing people to cook delicious meals with ethically raised chicken.

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