Bamsrudlåven Gårdsis

Young farmers grown up on an egg farm east of Oslo in Norway decided to start an ice cream adventure. With eggs from their own hens, milk from the neighbour farm and local ingredients. With the ambition of creating a real, local and homemade ice cream, the charming story of the family is full of heritage, spontaneity and playfulness.

When three young siblings from a local chicken farm east of Oslo, knocked on our door with plans to start their own ice cream adventure, we got excited. With eggs from their hens, milk from the neighbour cows and flavours from local fruit and berries, we already had a good story to tell about real, local and homemade ice cream. The charming history of the Bamsrud family, we discovered later, is full of heritage, spontaneity and puns about chickens.

The family have been in the egg business since 1865. The logo mark we created is inspired by a detail from the farm, the bell tower, used during weddings and celebration, symbolizing quality and the lavish nature of ice cream. The packaging system uses colour coding to differentiate the taste allowing for flexibility and efficiency when introducing more flavours and seasonal variations.

Bamsrudlåven farm

In 1917, the oldest son and builder, Kristian Bamsrud, constructed a new barn for his parents Thea and Hans Bamsrud, who was running the farm at the time. Today, instead of housing farm animals, tools and hay, ice cream is being produced in the barn every day.

The story goes that, some time in the middle ages, the farm property was cleared by a strong guy nicknamed "Bamsi", roughly translated " the Bear", which later inspired the name Bamsrud. The farm became the property of the family in 1871 and has operated as a traditional farm since. In 1963, Karen and Erling Kristian Bamsrud took over a run-down property and started the renovations. They also build a new main house and in 1971 a henhouse. In 1988, Eva Bamsrud and Rune Klufterud took over the farm, with a vision of turning the resources of the farm into their livelihood.

80 years after the barn was built, the first weddings were hosted at the farm, and in 2001 another building was inaugurated for sleepovers and parties.

After a renewed permission in 1995, the farm expanded from 2000 to 5000 hens. Later in 2010, the henhouse was extended even more, and the capacity increased to 7500 free-range hens.

When a lad from the neighbour milk farm fell in love with one of the Bamsrud daughters, the idea of making a gelato style ice cream with milk and eggs became reality, and in 2013 the Bamsrud ice cream was available in local stores and regional supermarkets.

The ice creams quickly got distribution in retail and became a pioneer case for the promotion of local food entrepreneurs, and since then, the range has grown to six flavours and extended also to single-serve cups.

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