Holmen Crisp

Gluten-free flours are mostly industrially produced and the category is dominated by products communicating to consumers with special needs and the category language is often associated with efficiency rather than the pleasure of baking.

The gluten-free category is growing. Also non-celiac consumers are curious about a gluten-free diet and there is a need for more inspirational brands focused on good taste, high nutritional values and craft.

Our goal was to bring back the joy of baking to a gluten-free living while strengthening the unique position of Jytte as an independent gluten-free artisanal mill from Norway.

Jytte is a Norwegian gluten-free mill established in 1985 with a range of 4 flours. The ambition was to create a platform that allowed to expand the portfolio and that would communicate the brands unique advantages like being an artisanal mill, the company heritage, the family and their know-how.

Throughout generations the family has kept their passion alive by developing recipes, sourcing ingredients and creating long-lasting relationships with the local community. Now they are starting to develop other gluten free products, so the new design needed to function also for other categories like breakfast flakes, grains etc.

Holmen Crisp

The destillery Holmen Brænderi AS (today Holmen Crisp) in Gjørvik was founded as a cooperative of farmers in 1854. The destillery operated with potato processing, mineral water and spirits. Through the potato processing, both flatbread of potatoes and peas became a separate segment.

The Rostad family has been a part of Holmen Brænderi from the beginning and over time they have developed a know-how in milling. In the 50s they bought Ringerikes Flatbread factory, famous for their specialty "Erterbrød", and Toten Flatbrødfabrikk. The recipe of the potato flatbread from that time is the same today.

In 1994, Holmen Crisp bought a plant for the production of gluten-free flour from Sweden. The Jyttemjøl plant was built by Jytte Norlander and her husband in 1985. The gluten-free milling business currently accounts for 60% of the turnover in the company. Holmen Crisp has since then expanded the Jyttemjøl series with 4 different flour mixtures.


Through a series of playful and truthful portraits of the people behind in the mill (family and employees from past and present) we are offering consumers a visual storytelling that communicates transparency and distinct personalities.

The illustrations are contemporary and clean, yet retro in a “line claire” style. The result is both sophisticated and approachable, charming and tasty while they visually connect the products to the world of food and baking. Inspired by the language of flour sacks we employed coloured stripes and numbering as additional differentiators to navigate the range.

The competition often uses more languages on the packaging which makes the readability difficult. By printing digitally we created a system where each market has its own language which allows us to have a generous font size. In addition we clarified the different types of baking, recipes, nutritional values and ingredients for each product. The packaging also tells the story of how each character on the bags has contributed to the mill.


Håkon Rostad - the founder of Holmen Crisp

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