Stavanger Ysteri

Stavanger Ysteri is an urban cheese factory in the industrial city of Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. By only using raw milk, Lise Brunborg honours the traditional recipes handed down through generations and brings to life the “terroir” of the milk. Lise's approach to cheesemaking combines tradition and science, which positions her at the forefront of a growing movement towards local, organic food production. By bridging chemistry with a conscious connection to nature and farming, Stavanger Ysteri belongs to the future of food.

In recent years, Lise has established herself as one of the front runners of artisanal cheesemaking in Norway, and her cheeses are used by the best restaurants in the country. Five years in, she felt that her identity, packaging and website needed to align with the quality of her products and reflect her reputation. We were immediately fascinated by her passion and inspired by her mission to create a better future for the next generations of cheesemakers. As both tradition and innovation is important in Lise's vision, we wanted to showcase this through a personal narrative that could become an integral part of the branding. We created a visual universe for Stavanger Ysteri that is inspired by Lise's interest in mythology, philosophy and nature.

In the past years, the city of Stavanger has had an increase in progressive food producers and restaurants, taking over old buildings to create something new. Founded in 2015, Stavanger Ysteri is located in the centre of what was once the heart of the city’s fish canning industry. Being an urban cheese factory, the story is not the one of the farmer in the countryside that makes artisanal cheese from the milk produced by his animals. Lise's background is in science, with physics and a Masters degree in chèvre. Opening a cheese factory in the middle of the city, she’s offering a window into innovative ecological agriculture in Norway. This allowed us to portray a different story than the conventional imagery of the cheesemaker in the countryside — hers felt more like that of a chef, creating exquisite taste experiences from high quality produce.